Best Dog Training Tips Based on Max Polyakov’s Firefly Success Story

Best Dog Training Tips Based

Importance of teaching dogs general life skills alongside training for a competition

It makes them behave well in different situations

All animals just like human beings undergo various growth stages. As growth takes place, it is crucial for animals to gain social skills. Such skills will assist them to respond to various social situations when they are grown up. A dog that knows how to behave well around other dogs and relates well with other animals people is very suitable to participate in a competition.

Allows you to understand a dog better
Pets differ a lot from human beings. They have unique needs and natural instincts. They do not converse the same way people do and their behaviours are so different from those of human beings.

When a dog is new to your home, you must teach it how to cope in that environment. Besides that, you must also understand what its needs are because that is the how you will be able to accommodate it and adjust yourself to make it feel comfortable. If you fail to train the dog and train yourself, both you and your dog will get frustrated and unhappy. And with this, you will never be able to train such a dog for any competition.

They learn to be obedient
Obedience teaching is part of the general pet training activities and it helps to improve the relationship between a pet and its owner. Fundamental commands for example come, sit and stand are part of obedience teaching and the same commands are important when it comes to training the dog for a competition. Dogs like Max Polyakov’s Firefly which have been taught how to be obedient have an easy live and people find it easier to live with them. The untrained dogs are hard to live with and they may even attack people.

General guidelines in dog training

Ensure the dog is healthy
Max Polyakov says; do not start training your dog for any competition if you have not received clearance from a veterinarian. You can only train a dog that is healthy and capable of handling the physical strain that the sports entail.

Have a timetable
A timetable can enable one to track everything that takes place during the coaching. With it, you will also be able to tell if you are making progress or not. Write down everything which should be done in the timetable and include the equipment needed. Writing down how the training will take place is also highly recommended.

Do not rush
Begin training the dog by teaching it the basic exercises. Once the dog masters the basics, you can then introduce the complicated exercises and do it slowly for the dog to understand better.

Training sessions must be short
If you train for long hours, your dog will get exhausted and bored. The training should only last for less than fifteen minutes and you can have several small training sessions throughout the day. The training time may be increased to around half an hour once the dog has gotten used to it.

Warm-ups are a must
Warming up makes the blood flow and it relaxes the muscles which in turn prevents injury. Warming up will additionally improve your pet’s energy enabling it to remain attentive throughout the session.

Max Polyakov's Firefly

A cool down is equally necessary when coaching pets. This is because it lessens injuries and muscle soreness.

Ensure your training method suits your dog
If your pet does not respond positively to the teaching, consider using a different training style. Max Polyakov says that, the training style can be changed as many times as necessary until you find what suits your dog.

The training must be fun

The training activity should be entertaining. If you find it boring, then it is useless engaging in it because its main aim is not just to win in a competition but also to have fun with your dog.

Get training tips from experts

You can get training from dog training institutions and clubs. Those are the places where experienced trainers and people like Max Polyakov who have excellently trained pets can be found. You can learn so much from these people. Practicing should never stop

Even if your dog has mastered all the exercises do not ever stop practicing. Without regular practicing, the dog might forget all that it had learnt.

Do not be harsh
Avoid shouting or hitting your pet whenever it fails to follow your instructions. Hitting it and shouting at it will make it scared and it may not be able to concentrate in your teaching and your relationship with it may become strained.

Agility training

Agility is an exercise whereby people guide dogs via hurdles in a run. Exactness and time are very important in this sport. The people who control the pets in this sport use voice, body gestures and movement. The sport is quite elaborate that a pet cannot finish well without being directed by a person. The hurdles in this sport include:

A frame
2 big ramps of around three feet wide and eight to nine feet long are hinged together. They are raised like six feet above the surface creating an A-shape. This frame is normally painted with a bright colour to form the contact area where the dogs place one paw when descending and ascending.

Dog walk
3 eight to twelve feet planks, nine to twelve inches wide, are joined together. The middle plank is raised to around four feet over the surface. This barrier also functions as a contact area.

This is a ten to twelve foot plank pivoting on a fulcrum just like the kids’ seesaw. This barrier is created a bit off balance in that the same end keeps going back to the surface.

This obstacle is four feet high and three by three feet platform. It also contains ramps and a pet is required to ascend the right ramp and must descend the ramp indicated by the person guiding it. This obstacle however discouraged because it is highly cumbersome and dogs can easily fall off since it is difficult to see where the small ramps connect with the squared platform.

Training for a jumping contest

Various jumps are performed in this sport and the sport analyzes the speed of a dog and its tolerance.

How to prepare the dog

You first have to ensure that your dog is obedient and understands basic commands. Dogs can be trained while they are still young because that is the perfect moment for them to learn and adhere to basic commands like some, go and stay.

You should begin the training by showing your dog how to jump. This means that you will perform some jumps with the dog. Encourage the dog to jump very high as it can and it is recommended to use treats in this sport. You should hold treats up in the air to force the dog jump very high to get it. Max Polyakov says you must be patient because for a dog to become a good jumper, it will take some time.

Jumping improves bodily health, coordination and endurance in dogs. Dog behaviour is also indirectly improved with this sport.

You may also use cinder blocks and plywood to teach your pet how to jump. The plywood and cinder blocks can form great jumping equipment. As the dog masters the jumping techniques and gets more confident, attach cinder blocks over each other to increase the height.

Once you feel that your pet is now comfortable with the jumping exercise, you can advance the training by making it jump off a lake dock. Expand the pole using something that can allure the dog to jump as high as it can.

In the official jumping contests, the dogs are supposed to jump a distance of eight inches to three feet high or it can be higher than that at times. The distance is determined by the size of the dog. Jumping is a great exercise and even if your dog does not emerge a winner like Max Polyakov’s Firefly the benefits of jumping already make it a champion.

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More competitions which dogs can take part in


This is a barrier race that encompasses 2 groups of 4 dogs. A dog from every team goes through several jumps. A dog also runs on top of a box, initiates a catapult machine with its paws, catches a flying ball and then runs back to the starting point. The group that completes first emerges the winner.

There are various techniques that a dog must be taught before participating in Flyball competition. A pet should maintain a simple approach and land properly to occupy the longest distance within a short amount of time. A small turn on the catapult box can make your dog lose or win.

Dog diving
This is a good sport for small dogs that like splashing water around. The competition involves participants who dive into a water pool in turns to get a toy. The dog which jumps the longest distance wins.

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Flying disc
This is among the most loved sports in the globe and it is extremely simple to play. The sport entails throwing a disc and a pet runs to capture it. Pets and their guiders are required to make a high number of throws and catches as much as they can. Points are awarded for long throws and catches.

This contest entails coordination and cooperation. Pets which love teamwork are most suited for this competition. You are supposed to teach your pet how to weave around you and more skills should also be displayed. The skills come out after you practice with your pet many times. A winner in this competition is determined by how the dog and its handler work together.

Rally obedience
Pets and their guiders are supposed to finish a course which consists of symbols that show the obedience tasks to be undertaken. Any pet may participate in this contest and the contest has several levels and pets compete for titles and championships.

The nose is the most dominant sense in dogs. Tracking requires dogs to smell and it is the same as search and rescue endeavours. This competition analyzes the strength of a dog and how willing it is to follow the trail which footsteps leave behind.

Dogs together with their handlers have a lot of fun in this sport and the pet which emerges a winner like Max Polyakov’ Firefly may get more opportunities. For example; if the pet besides winning it is intelligent, powerful, agile, confident and tolerant, it may become a rescue dog.


a competition for your pet, you are required to attend various competitions and see which one your pet likes. Besides that, you should also consult a veterinarian as well since he is the only one who can determine if your dog is suited for the sport you choose to settle for. Once you know the right sport and you have the required training skills, you can proceed with the training knowing that your dog will shine just like Max Polyakov’ Firefly.