A Guideline for How to Prepare Dogs for State Competitions by Max Polyakov

A Guideline for How to Prepare Dogs for State Competitions by Max Polyakov

According to Max Polyakov animals that have received training will always behave in a predictable way even when they are in a place where they have never been before. Also, such animals will always feel safe and at ease during sports.

Preparing dogs for sports

a) How to make your coaching a success

1. Visit a veterinarian

According to the source liga.net Max Polyakov emphasized that coaching animals that are not well can put them in danger and such animals will perform poorly in sports. So, ensure that your pet is examined by a veterinarian first to confirm if it is capable of engaging in games.

2. Do not train for too long

Especially when you are dealing with an animal that has never engaged in any exercise before, the training sessions must be brief. Training for long hours will make the animals become bored and will not be willing to learn anything you teach them.

3. Use styles that suite the animal

Max Polyakov emphasized that if you notice that the animal is not responding positively to your teaching style, come up with a new one. You should keep changing the teaching style until you find one that suits the animal.

4. Coaching skills

Max Polyakov also emphasized that people training animals must also be qualified trainers. Unskilled trainers do not possess the necessary skills to handle animals and that will put the animals in danger.


b) Spots which animals can engage in

1. Agility

Dogs taking part in this sport are guided through various obstacles with the help of voice and signs. The obstacles include things such as a tunnel, a seesaw, and a crossover. The winner is determined by exactness and the time taken to finish.

2. Jumping

According to Max Polyakov, training dogs for this sport can be done in many ways. The person training only needs to keep adding the distance that the dogs jump each time. Making the jump more complicated each time makes the dogs jump harder and that strengthens them.

3. Flyball

This competition entails racing. There are two groups of dogs in this sport and they are supposed to race through jumps and the distance of the jump is determined by the smallest participating dog.


Max Polyakov ended his teaching by saying that before deciding on which sport dogs should engage in, consult a veterinarian. Also, he recommended that people should consider attending various sports with their pets in order to see which ones they like.

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