The Best Dog Training Advice Based on Max Polyakov And Firefly’s Story

Max Polyakov And Firefly’s Story

Training your dog is of utmost importance to Max Polyakov for several reasons. All animals undergo a growing period, including human beings. Teaching your dog what he must know in these periods allows him to hone some social skills and react appropriately to both his owner and other dogs and people. To Max Polyakov, training is one of the fundamental parts of establishing a proper relationship with the dog. That was how Max Polyakov brought up his beloved dog, Firefly. Firefly was trained to be able to cope in his house especially with it being a new environment.

Teaching your dog obedience is the number one thing on his list of training a dog. Having a dog like Firefly meant dire consequences if he was not trained. One plus side of raising obedient dogs is that you get the sign them up for competitions and show them off to others.

Some principles of training dogs

He believed strongly that before you train your dog, it is of the utmost importance that you make sure that it is healthy. That is what he did for Firefly. A visit to the neighbourhood veterinary is necessary for the health and wellbeing of the animal.

He also believed that having a working routine allowed the dog to understand what is happening. It also allowed him to take note of any steps which had been done, and also, what needs to be done with regards to Firefly’s training.

Max Polyakov, when training Firefly, ensured that his sessions were short and fun. Paying attention to your dog is crucial and you might have to change certain approaches from time to time.


Activities that dogs could take part in

Max Polyakov and his dog Firefly together put up a list of activities that were excellent for any dog-owner duo to do together. The first was Flyball. This is a barrier race with two groups of four dogs. They each were meant to work together by one dog releasing a ball and another dog in the same team catching the ball.

Dog diving is another activity that Max and Firefly enjoyed. It’s good for dogs who enjoy splashing water around. Here the dog is made to jump into a pool to retrieve a floating toy. The dog which jumps the farthest wins the competition.

One final game that Max Polyakov recommends if you have a pet like Firefly is the flying disc game. Here, the owner throws the disc and the dog goes off to catch it. This is a really simple game to play and dogs like Firefly enjoy it a lot. If you want your dog to shine like Max Polyakov’s Firefly, you might want to try out some of these games but train your dog for it first.

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